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Our Selection Process

We select guard through a systematic procedure. Inviting integrated candidates to appear before the recruiting team. After preliminary selection they are put through written examination. During the selection, documents, certificates etc submitted by an individual are thoroughly examined for their authenticity.

Our Traning Process

After selection, the individual is sent for 7 days basic guard training in our training center. On successful completion of training, an individual guard is assigned to duty. The training is based according to the firm’s training manual and it’s conducted by high ranking ex-military officers. Ex-military recruits are trained to be supervisors, inspectors and operational managers. All the recruits are subjected to education, age, physical and mental fitness with a clean background and undergo with security training that includes Guarding skills, Search procedure, Self defense fire control and prevention, First Aid, Traffic System and VIP/Executive escort. On recruitment of a guard, verification roll is sent to concerned police authority for necessary police clearance. Training module cover the following subjects in general:-

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